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Welcome to the Taps Story

In search of better beers in Malaysia, a group of cousins came up with an idea to break convention by opening a pure craft beer bar with the widest range of better beers in Malaysia. This idea became a reality when Taps Beer Bar was established in December 2011.

Craft beer’s the name, better beer’s the game.

At Taps Beer Bar, we regularly rotate our beers to provide diversity and accessibility to a range of quality craft beers. To date, we have served over 800 unique beers, some of the very best craft beers on the market.

Each beer is one of a kind, displaying the creativity and passion of its brewer and the complexity of its ingredients, unlike mainstream, commercialised beer.

The results? An ever-expanding list of craft beers to suit any individual and exciting food-pairing possibilities. No gimmicks, no slogans…just better beer.

Get excited about beer and join the craft beer revolution. At Taps Beer Bar you don’t just drink beer, you #DRINKBETTERBEER!