The Story of Young Master

The Story of Young Master

Young Master, est. 2013, leads Asia's craft beer with originality, bold flavors, and disciplined brewing, rooted in local excellence.

Who is Young Master?

Based in Hong Kong, Young Master operates 2 breweries. One in the Ap Lei Chau neighborhood - which they quickly outgrew in just 3 years, and another Wong Chuk Hang. With 2 operating breweries, their production capacity grew turning Young Master into one of the largest craft beer brewing operations in Asia. 

The Story Behind the Name

The inspiration behind the name comes from an old Hong Kong coming-of-age tale “工廠少爺” or a playful 'young master' in a factory in old Hong Kong. "Young Master" embodies a playful spirit and a strong work ethic.

Their Brews

Being one of Asia’s highest rated and most awarded craft brewery and they take pride in making a wide range of exciting beer styles – from classics to avant-garde. Here are some worth mentioning: 

Classic Pale Ale

A true classic that won’t ever go out of fashion. The Classic is designed to be versatile – you can drink this all day and in all seasons. Careful measures were taken to create an elegant balance of malts and hops in this pale ale.

The result is just enough malty richness, paired with a thirst-quenching blend of North American and Australian hops. They employ late additions and dry hopping to bring out its delightful fruity, floral, and zesty.

1842 Island Imperial IPA

Designed for those who prefer a bold and powerful drink. The moment you pour Island 1842 into your snifter, expect a powerful nose of spicy, floral and zesty hops. The complexity of flavor will then continue to unfold with each sip and the flavor will linger on the palate.

Hong Kong Black Stout

Hong Kong Black, brewed with a true sense of place, inks a new chapter in the story of stouts. A modern-day expression, it has comforting layers of cocoa, city roast coffee and a whiff of caramel from the highest quality crystal malts that also lend it a luscious mouthfeel and effortless drinkability.


Young Master is a brewery that is one to look out for. Their brews are exciting and innovative. Something that will excite all you craft beer lovers out there. We know we do. We're finishing up a bottle of their Classic Pale Ale while writing this. 

Probably that's why this article is going to end very abruptly. Cheers!  


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