The Most Interesting IPAs You Should Try Right Now

The Most Interesting IPAs You Should Try Right Now

Our pick of IPAs that are not like anything else. 

India Pale Ale or IPA, is taking the world by storm! From hazy to clear, the IPA has been a craft beer style that is enjoyed by anyone from those who are new to craft beer to beer aficionados around the world.

So, what are the IPAs that are taking Malaysia by storm? Here are our top 4 picks! 

1. Brewdog Hoppy Xmas

Yes, we know, it's a bit too early (or too late, or right on time depending on when you're reading this) to be spreading the Christmas cheer, but this seasonal festive IPA will make Santa Ho Ho Ho all night long. 

It has a tangy citrus, pineapple, and papaya flavor, with a heavy dose of malty goodness. And, sticking through to its IPA style of brewing, a strong bitter finish. 

 Want to spread the Christmas cheer? You can get a can here.

2. Pasteur Street Jasmine IPA

Pasteur Street Jasmine IPA

The most popular and best-selling beer in Vietnam since its creation. Just as the name suggests, locally sourced dried jasmine flowers are added to the brew to give it that wonderful jasmine aroma. This IPA has the distinct hop-first flavor associated with IPAs with a gentle aroma that is almost perfume-like. 

 If there is such a thing as a beer shower, this is the beer for it. You can have a taste here.

3. Parallel 49 Cobra Clutch Double IPA

Parallel 49 Cobra Clutch Double IPA

Canada has entered the IPA game! The Canadians do have their fair share of amazing IPAs, but this one stands out. Its juicy citrus, mango, and floral hop notes compliment the hazy, refreshing, easy-drinking double IPA.

Packed with 8% Abv, this is one double IPA you wouldn't want biting you. If you want to slither into temptation and give it a try, proceed with caution here

As you can see, IPAs have come a long way from being just hoppy and bitter. Brewers are always exploring new ingredients and techniques to make an interesting beer style even more interesting.

Are there any other IPAs out there? Plenty! Take your pick right here. Get on board the hop-filled train and may your journey be filled with flavorful destinations. 

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