5 Coedo Craft Beers That You Need To Try

5 Coedo Craft Beers That You Need To Try

Originating from the brewery that made the world's first sweet potato beer, you're in for a treat every time you taste one of Coedo's beers. 

Here are 5 that you should try! 

1. Beniaka Imperial Sweet Potato Amber


Yes, you read that right! It is an imperial sweet potato amber! Brewed with roasted Kintoki sweet potatoes, this imperial amber has something for all of your senses. 

It has a sweet caramel-like aroma that hits your nose as soon as you open the bottle with a muted sweetness, a slight cola-like taste in the background, and a mild hoppy bitterness. 

2. Shikkoku Black Lager

The aroma alone from this black lager will get you hooked and begging for a sip. The lager has a malty and toasty aroma - almost like you smell toffee or caramel. Once you take a sip, there is a slight roastiness to its taste with hints of coffee. 

It is a surprisingly refreshing black lager - think Guinness, but with a not so heavy mouthfeel and taste. 

3. Marihana Session IPA

As a session IPA, this is a light, refreshing beer for those hot sunny days (and in Malaysia, that's almost every day!). "Marihana" means "hop flower" in Japanese - which seems fit because this IPA has a beautiful hoppy aroma and that classic light hoppy flavour.  

4. Shiro Hefeweizen

Wheat beer at its finest. One of the distinctive characteristics of wheat beer is its aroma, and Shiro doesn't disappoint.

It has a sweet, banana, and clove aromas from the wheat that are complimented in perfect harmony by fruity notes for a rich, yet light-bodied brew that is smooth on the palate and finishes with a flourish.

5. Japanese Pale Ale

This Japanese pale ale is brewed with rice and Yuzu. It has a delicate, citrusy aroma of Yuzu paired with the fragrant aroma of hops. With the contrast of its golden hues and white head, the use of Japanese rice delivers a crisp dry finish to this beer. 


Coedo's bravery and ingenuity make them (in our opinion) an exciting brewery to look out for. Their careful selection of ingredients produces some of the best craft beers that we have tasted and truth be told, words don't do them justice. 

Drop by our bar and experience them for yourself! 

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