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Lervig House Party (330ml)

Lervig House Party (330ml)

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Brewery: Lervig
Beer Style: IPA
ABV: 4%
Country: Norway

Light and hazy, super sipping and perfect for partying.

We have long winters and short summers in Norway where we often daydream of being in an island paradise. But usually we just end up at a friend’s house party all night long… And what we drink is House Party – the super-clean malt allows the hops to give their juicy/tropical fruit flavours an unobstructed pathway to your palate. It comes in a can, and it’s completely crushable.

Light golden and clear with a touch of haze from non filtration.

Malty clean aroma with a subtle tropical citrus from pineapple and mango

Crisp and clean with a low bitterness, pleasant hoppy finish of tropical fruits. 

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