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Beers to drink in Malaysia based on 2018 beer trend predictions

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2 Mar

Beers to drink in Malaysia based on 2018 beer trend predictions

By Ng U-Sern and Mili Lim

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New year, new beers? 

With brewers and industry experts weighing in on possible beer trends for 2018, here are 4 types of beers to try based on these predictions.


Beer trend predictions 2018: 








You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. 


These beers get their refreshing tart, sour, and funky flavours from Brettanomyces (a type of yeast that metabolise into acetic acid), Lactobacillus (a bacteria that produces lactic acid), or Pediococcus (a bacteria that produces lactic acid). 


Here are some sour beers to drink in Malaysia: 



– Trolltunga Gooseberry Sour IPA (6.3% ABV)

  • Brewed by Buxton Brewery in collaboration with Lervig Brewery. A refreshing sour IPA with decent hop aroma. 


– Blood Orange Gose (4.2% ABV) 

  • Brewed by Anderson Valley Brewing Co. This gose is a citrusy, tart, and refreshing wheat ale brewed with sea salt and coriander, and a generous addition of blood oranges during fermentation. 





– Santa gose F&#%! It All (4.0% ABV)

  • Brewed by To Øl. This is a tart and lemony beer with tropical fruit notes. 


– Sur Mosaic Sour/Wild Ale (6.0% ABV) 

  • Brewed by To Øl. ‘Sur’ is Danish for sour and Mosaic refers to the hop that this beer is brewed with. This is a fruity, tangerine-like pale ale with a acidic backbone. 
  • Other To Øl ‘Sur’ beers include: Sur Blomst, Sur Motueka, and Sur Simcoe. 






The IPA or India Pale Ale has always been a frequent go-to beer, not only because of its hoppy goodness but also because of the wide range of different IPAs available in the market. 


One of the more popular versions of how the IPA got its name goes back to the 19th century when beers were being sent to the British troops stationed in India when it was still a British colony. Owing to the long trip at sea, the beers would go bad. To counter this, brewers in England loaded their beers with hops, which acts as a natural preservative, thus creating the India Pale Ale. 


Brewers and industry experts predict that the double IPA would gain popularity in 2018. A double IPA or an imperial IPA is basically an IPA on steroids – loaded with double or triple the amount of hops in an IPA. What you get is a very aromatic, hoppy, and high ABV ale. 


Here are some double IPAs to look out for: 



– Dangerously Close To Stupid Amounts Of Papaya Double IPA (9.3% ABV)

  • Brewed by To Øl, with a close to stupid amount of hops and papaya, giving it a rich hoppy and citrus aroma with notes of tropical fruit. 
  • Other beers in the “Dangerously Close To Stupid” series include a double IPA with apricot and another with guava. 




– Djuicy IPA (8.4% ABV) 

  • Brewed by To Øl. This is a citrusy, fruity and malty ale. 


– Thornbridge Huck Double IPA (7.4% ABV) 

  • Brewed by Thornbridge. This ale has a sweet and piney body with a pleasantly warming alcohol sensation. 





With the rise of norm-challenging, high ABV, and hoppy ales, some brewers predict a rising thirst for refreshing and crisp craft lagers. Here are some lagers to try: 




– Glowing Pig Mango Pilsner (4.5% ABV)

  • Brewed by To Øl in collaboration with The Booth Brewing. This is a fresh and easy drinking pilsner brewed with mango and dry hopped with mosaic hops.


– Lukas Helles Lager (4.2% ABV) 

  • Brewed by Thornbridge. This is a crisp and elegant Helles with a slight citrusy note and pleasant maltiness. 





These are beers which have been aged in a wooden barrel over a period of time to add a complex twist to the flavour and aroma of the beer. From using barrels made from different types of wood (oak, hickory, apple, etc.) to reusing whiskey or bourbon barrels to age the beers, these are some barrel-aged beers to try: 





– Huge Arker Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout (13.5% ABV) 

  • Brewed by Anderson Valley Brewing Company. This imperial stout is aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels until it fully matures, giving it a silky and hearty body, rich dark chocolate and dark fruit notes, and hints of coffee. 


– Ola Dubh Barrel-Aged Beer (8% ABV) 

  • Brewed by Harviestoun, this porter has been aged in selected oak casks formerly used to mature Highland Park Single Malt Whiskies. A dark beer with a smoky-sweet malt taste and notes of coffee bean. 


Try these beers at Taps Beer Bar Changkat or Plaza Arkadia, Taps Craft Beer Stand in Ben’s Independent Grocer at IPC or DC Mall, or Taps Beer Bar Penang. 


Happy new year, happy new beers! 

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